The Sound of Clarity

Times Change...

June 21, 2023 Episode 5
The Sound of Clarity
Times Change...
Show Notes

In this episode, hosts Jon and Paul are joined by Elizabeth Gould, chair of Clarity and owner of Norwich-based hi-fi retailer Martins Hi Fi, and by Wayne Hyde, Technical Manager of Custom AV Distribution (CAVD) to talk about a range of deep and meaningful hot topics that are affecting the industry at ground level - such as:

  • The rise of AI and what it means for the hi-fi industry
  • The cost of living crisis and how we adapt our businesses to survive it
  • Differentiation - how to stand out from the crowd to attract more customers

Listen up and let us know if you'd like to add to the discussion. What are your thoughts on the shifting technologies and economic factors around us today? Do they present a warning threat or a credible opportunity for business adaptation and growth?

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